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Your memories are Plus.

print 10 photos for free a month with KodiPlus

Print your photos

has become a game:

with kodiplus only a few clicks are enough.

Your moments are the most precious thing you have,

let them explode in reality.

Have we already said that it is

totally free?

direct from
KodiPlus is the first application which gives you the power to freely print from instagram. Now you can print the photos of the people you love or give them a token of your affection - right from the sofa in your sitting room!
you look
Choose the photo and the format that you like best. Do you find yourself alone sometimes, smiling for a selfie? Don’t worry - we do it too. You’re not satisfied with the results? No problem - you can change it in an instant.
home sweet
At home, at the office, at a restaurant, at a wedding: wherever you happen to be, you can now make a polaroid®* without even thinking about it. Now you’ve got something to look forward to in your mail.
Memory, backup and cloud...
If the mere mention of these words
is enough to make you shiver
or worry about losing the photos
that matter to you, try Kodi.
Kodi Station and Kodi Plus
will allow you to keep your memories
in the best and safest way possible:
in your hand.
moment matters
The Kodi App let’s you curate, download, and even print images from you and your friends’ social media accounts.
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your phone
is the key
KodiPlus is constantly evolving.
Stay up to date to see all the latest service innovations that we’ve got in store for you.
promote your brand
in few minutes
discover how is easy to reach real people
and show how beautiful you are
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your shop can become a smart shop.
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